The RefiJet car loan site explains how and why you should refinance your car loans

The RefiJet car loan site explains how and why you should refinance your car loans

Reasons for Refinancing

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The company’s selection of auto loan providers can help you lower your interest rate, extend the terms, or decrease monthly payments through refinancing.

This is often used to get cash back from equity, add or remove co-borrowers, or take a break from payments for a month. These reasons are explained in great detail on the site.


There are a few requirements. First off, you need to be employed and have proof of income. When getting auto loans for fair credit, your most recent car payments need to be in order, and you have to have valid license and registration documents. The vehicle mustn’t be older than ten years and needs to have full insurance coverage. The minimum loan amount is $5,000.

Application Process and Customer Service

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The application process is straightforward and very user-friendly. RefiJet’s loan officers guide you through the process, handling most of the paperwork for you. The prequalification process relies on the soft pull method, so it doesn’t affect your credit score. You get your customized offers within minutes and can discuss prospects with RefiJet’s specialists.

Note that once you choose one of the best auto loan companies, the lender will do a hard pull to verify all the information. If you have any questions, concerns, or want to learn more about RefiJet’s work, you can contact customer service. It’s available via phone, email, or through the on-site contact form.

At a Glance

  • Fantastic customer support
  • Pre-qualification with a soft credit check
  • Simple application process

Capital One Review

Founded in 1994, Capital One has since acquired more than $360 billion in total assets. It’s one of the largest banks in America and is currently the second-largest auto financing company in the country. Capital One is based in Virginia, but it provides a wide range of financial products across the US.

Types of Loans and Restrictions

Thanks to its nationwide network of car dealers, Capital One is one of the best banks for auto loans.

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